∞ In search for of a modern circle culture

Our independent initiative aims to offer the most reliable container possible for the growth of a “communitas” for humankind which is deeply rooted in a new trust.

With The Circle Of 12 we created an explorational space to gain insights about the key elements which contribute to an up-to-date form of tribal structures that by their nature install the deep sense of trust we are longing for.

In our prototyping experiments we are driven by an honest commitment to a modern tribal structure which provides the right amount of safety and flexibility to support trust and human growth.

Our approach is a phenomenological one. The project itself is a process and develops with the organic growth  of the initiative. Here you find our insights, published step by step as they come into our awareness.

A wrong that cannot be repaired must be transcended.
Ursula K. Le Guin

Come back
of the Soul

The structure that we see arising

What we learned from our journey so far is that feminine qualities such as receptivity, openness, holding and letting beings and things unfold in their natural paste, acknowledging the organic intelligence in all what is, are becoming stronger – finding their way back from suppression into the center.

Also on the structural level the process orientation, seen in the circle structure and sharings in rounds of equals, is having a come back. The structure how it appeared organically is one of a Circle Of 12, even in the number of women and men, in this special case of the #integrityforfuture initiative, initiated and lead by a woman.

In our explorational constellation works we could see a split between (people in) power and wisdom (people) – and the hidden agreement of all stakeholders laying underneath, which still want’s to be seen in a even deeper way.

This lead us into the realm of man/woman and into the energies of the masculine and the feminine. We saw a shocking imbalance structurally, mentally and even on a cellular level normalized and internalized to a degree that it was almost impossible to become aware of it.
What we saw was confusion and an almost overwhelming field of suppression and shame. The sacred feminine and the sacred masculine are deeply wounded by the hidden agreement to split power and the wisdom of life. It actually lead to a separation of the soul itself. It seems to be time to call “soul” back into our lives on earth and we are eager to find out how that delicate venture can be initiated and processed in the most heedfully way. Integrity might hold a key for us.


Customarily modern people think of spirituality as something outside of relations of money, matter, and the flesh, but it should be about reclaiming their sacred dimension. No formula or algorithm can replicate soul. This conclusion is not mere metaphysics; it offers a guiding compass for our economic and technological future.

Charles Eisenstein
Author and philosoph
(Source Temple and the Great Reset, March 2021)

Key elements

Source, Shelter & Space 

The base of our exploration is a rather yin-oriented one as Ursula K Le Guin is proposing it.

The realms of the “dream time” offer approaches beyond linear thinking and invite us into an opened perception and an embodied “seeing” in curves, shapes, sensations … to explore every phenomenon in it’s deepest and fullest, before we translate it back into a form a community can agree on and relate to.

Open to undo the structure again and again – making organic processes
a natural part of our societal live. Sensing and soul come together, offering a quality of reverence which becomes our reference point.

The approach is a deeply feminine one. The circle, equal in numbers of men and women, is born and lead by a female energy (SOURCE). Deeply devoted to the sacredness of life itself she has the last word when it comes to questions about life and death.

The Circle is a representation of the tribe. It consists of a group of highly trustable people (SHELTER) and the members provide mental and emotional support to assure the integrity of the initial impulse of the movement.

There is a high commitment to include dream time as prevalent guidance. Vertical prototyping can be applied in this secure and flexible field (SPACE).

Source, shelter, space are the first structural elements that emerged for us so far. Expended structures might arise organically from there and will be made transparent – for the sake of integrity building for the whole.

∞ integrity is alchemy, old wisdom arising
Nicola, The Circle of 12

Yes, and …

she’s black

Spring 2021

In a constellation work the focus of our exploration is on the divine and on its relationship with the female wisdom. God appeared as a woman. And yes, she was black.

Summer 2021

“I am the end of the marginalization of the feminine.”
“I am the end of all suppression.”

Fall 2021

“The era of scapegoating is ended.”
“Who do you want to be now?”

Spring 2022

“Look at our world today.
This is how it looks like when children don’t feel LOVED.”

Summer 2023

“Humanity starts to transition into a new culture of repair.”

What arises in you when you contemplate on that?

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A Trustable Tribe

& one prayer

3 simple qualities appeared as being the north star for the life path proposed and walked by A Trustable Tribe.

Integrity is our home.
Listening is our prayer.
Trust is our gift to the world.

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