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soul integrity

Who do we want to be as humanity?

Peace is a matter of maturity. Will we be growing out of our culture of scapegoating to replace it with
a new culture of soul integrity?

The Soul Wound

Where are we as humanity?

Can it be that our sensitivity as human beings is much finer than we have hitherto known? Can it be that we are far more trustworthy than we believe one another to be? The stored memories of shame in our bodies and souls are the root of profound confusion.

To constantly act against our inner most knowing, our deepest loving truth, is affecting the whole body of humanity. Beside of our personal shame stories there is also a powerful story of collective shame. To not show up as the species that is honoring life itself in deep reverence and awe keeps us trapped in a vicious circle of shaming and being ashamed.

Therefore a bigger question than an individual one is on stake: do we – as the united body of humanity – have a picture of a human species with the attributes we would like to see on us? And can it be a mutual decision to begin to live up to it?


I think we created more pain and damage then our own souls can bear.

The foundations of our system are of story and psyche. To move toward a healed world, we must explore different ways of being human and different answers to the primal questions, Who am I? Who are you? And, who are we?
Charles Eisenstein
Author & speaker (quoted from “A gathering of the tribe”)

A souls mission

Integrity building is peace work!

We carry within our psyche a very ancient kind of consciousness, an instinctive, participatory, holistic,
relational way of knowing, that I associate with
the timeless wisdom of the soul. We need to reconnect with it and listen to that ‘Spirit of the Depths’.
Anne Baring
Author of “The Dream of the Cosmos:
A Quest for the Soul”

A necessary soul update for our societies

Transcending shame

Scapegoating is the wide-spread reality of our lives. Whether we act out and create the patterns of oppression or we find ourselves in the role of the targets of this psychologically given option – we are taking part in the same game.

Can it be that, in our struggles, we always just painfully run up against ourselves instead of “the other”? The healthy function of shame was replaced with its toxic version.

There is a lot of things that can and must be said about the underlying psychological dynamic of shaming and being ashamed.*

But there is also a spiritual dimension to our “self made” suffering. Humanity is going through a “dark night of the soul”.

It is the harsh confrontation with our limitations. To be harshly confronted with the own fallibility is a phase every child has to go through. Today we are going through that experience as human species.

It is our privilege as humans to feel that we are all-powerful. And it is our privilege as humans to experience, in our failings, humility in the face of something greater than ourselves.


Only serious work with our shame allows us sustainable F-U-T-U-R-E.

Our capacity to integrate shame in a healthy way determines the level of our integrity.
Shame is a treasure box of energy which is needed for change.

Without it there is no credibility.
With it we have direct access to the creator force.

A relationship with shame is a natural part of the adventurous journey that we are saying yes to in incarnating as a human being. An answer to the human ambivalence of our being that satisfies the needs of our soul must take us into the depths. Saying yes to live up to integrity with our souls can be the reverence point for orienting us new.

This might be the question of our time. Can we choose the path of a soulful humanity?

Let’s talk soul.integrity!

* Find out more about the dynamics and the nature of shame in our human psyche >

Shame deadens peoples growth

Choosing the third way – growing out of scapegoating

Shame is something that gets between a person and their soul – their self-expression, their relationships, their sense of self. There are ways to grow beyond the hidden toxic shame to a place of joy, creativity, and life force.
Sheila Rubin
Co-Founder Center For Healing Shame

Let‘s talk

soul integrity

We are convinced that there is a way out of our misery. As our soul wound origins from our culture of separateness it is important to create a new culture of relatedness WHILE taking the road towards our healing.

We are gathering in circles for an exchange between equals to come more and more to a shared vision of the humanity we want to be.  Here we can face and release the layers of shame that we are still holding. Today we have the privilege to make our choice in favor of cooperation against the primacy of a competition-oriented mode of survival.

The respectful dialogues we propose can nourish us and be the anchor and the north star for our individual soul quest as well as for us as a human tribe.

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Becoming Essence – a human path towards soul integrity

Love for life in 360 degree IS the soul.
Thomas Huebl

Dear integrity,

have we really been ashamed?

Yes, love. And that has been separating us. The most beautiful love relationship on Earth – between me and humanity – has been challenged. But it is meant to be forever. It can not die. Integrity, shame and trust are the same. You can choose to re-engage in every moment. I’m here.


soul FUL


∞ connected
∞ alive
∞ embodied
∞ joyful