I see humanity

transitioning into
a culture of repair

When you are off for a journey it is good to know your starting point.

Where am I, where are we when we start our conversations about the question of the questions: who do we want to be as humanity? What is it possible to be as a species at this moment in time?

What I learned from my explorational journey so far is that humanity is on the edge of a transition – from a culture of scapegoating into a culture of repair.

The question for me is how we can be of support for this transition to happen. What are the structures that are flexible and inviting enough to make space for the organic emergence of the culture of repair that is waiting for us to be redeemed?



Integrity is an alive entity. It lives in the realms of a committed relationality between and amongst. Within me, within me and the other, within the communion of all living beings, within me and God. Do we find ways to become cultures that are an expression of this unconditional relationality?

Integrity For Future offers various entry points to make us aware of the breaks and gaps that are hindering us to join the integrity of the whole. Allowing spaces to learn together: what does it mean to be a human being? How do we meet the broken trust? And how will our lives look like when they can become soulful again?

the entry points

The structure below marks the different entry points into the Integrity For Future work as they appeared throughout my explorational journey over the last years. It is not an intellectual concept, it’s made from the territory.

What I wish to propose with “rest & thrive” is rather a compass than a map. Due to the two dimensionality of the picture it will fail to show the many threads and interwoven pieces that can be found when going into its depth. A living exchange from human to human will be needed which points to the very essence of what this “compassing map” is made off. Looking forward to meet you on the playground of our mutual explorations!

rest & thrive

an organic structure combining flexibility & commitment to trust

human nature

soulful entrepreneurship

a culture of repair

nervous system
souls mission
regenerative agriculture
Circles of 12
relational repair
soulful business
a trustable tribe

Humanity is asked into a huge shift of perception – from perceiving diversity as a threat to recognising it as our most reliable source of safety & possibly joy. If we honour the intrinsic longing to add to the beauty of life in each and everyone of us and if we are willing to feel the heart brokenness that must come with it, a culture of repair will organically emerge amongst us.