Integrity is …

People explore their personal view on integrity

Integrity grows through the realm of personalities and has very individual colors! With this first Integrity For Futur in-house project we would like to start our global initiative with listening.

How do people relate to integrity individually and what importance are they giving to it when they think of our world today? The interview series “Integrity is …” invites everybody to think about the meaning of integrity for ones own life and to share this view with others  – as a beginning of the respectful dialogue that is so much needed.

Listening to humankind – our mid term goal is to provide a wide range of impressions of people from everywhere. The interviews are between 5 and 15 minutes and we invite you to watch these shorties without looking on the background information like origin, age, profession … Receive the variousness and the depth of our global human community. In their full humanness.

You might even get inspired to answer the questions for yourself?
Enjoy both – the listening and the self exploration!

Integrity is … Nadine (in German)

Integrity is … Henrik

Integrity is … Stephan

Integrity is … Gabriel

Integrity is … Lucy

Integrity is … Bendrix

Integrity is … Daniela

Integrity is … Nicola

Integrity is … Alix

Integrity is … Matthias

Integrity is … Peter

Integrity is …



Integrity is alchemy.


You too want to become visible with your deepest values & your care? Listen to your own inner voice in answering our questions with the little help of the video below. You might also feel inspired to create your own “integrity-art-piece” letting yourself free in form & spirit. Or you could make your friends a gift in giving them the chance to express their deepest values using our questions in a rather free style interview.

We appreciate your contribution to our global movement in creating your own content.
And we love even more when you let us know about it! To connect you might use the hashtag #integrityforfuture.



Some more facts

about our heros

These are the people who showed up in front of our camera to share their souls truth about integrity …

Nadine | 43 | Germany | Lichtblick-Fotographer
Henrik | 54 | Germany | Water For Future
Stephan | 38 | Germany | Passionate Circle Facilitator
Gabriel | 18 | Germany | Vegan Store Freiburg
Lucy | 39 | UK | Passionate Gardener & Mother
Bendrix | | Cameroun/ USA
Daniela |   | Australia | Artist
Nicola | 39 | Polen/ USA | Body Crystals Art
Alix | 42 | USA | Climat Advocat Greenhouse
Matthias | 41 | Germany | Publisher & Author Drachenverlag
Peter Levine | 79 | USA | Founder Somatic Experiencing