There is an organic structure behind

The initiative: “Integrity For Future” is an independent movement rooted in the private initiative of trauma expert and process facilitator Ann La-Forker.

The origin: we acknowledge the unbearable suffering that results from the dilemma to not know how to live up to personal integrity in a mainstream context of wrongness.

Who we are: we are a group of people wishing to see the value of integrity becoming the central reference point in our societies, willing to contribute to the global rise of integrity in the body of humanity.

Our goal: to address the tremendous lack of trust in the human species and – by working on the roots of our deep soul wounds – to re-establish the trustworthiness of our overall human tribe.

How we organize: we are experimenting with new organic structures such as “Circles of 12” or the “Source Protectors Board”.


How we work: research trough an holistic phenomenological approach we make ourselves available to be an experimental field for ancient and future wisdom to emerge | communication – through our projects we give inspirational impulses for dialogue and exchange into the society | therapy/ consulting –  through process facilitation by us or one of our partners concrete support for integrity building is offered on request

Financing: our work is anchored in the gift economy. We wish to incite a global dialogue and want to offer our inspirational impulses to everyone and with no charge. Your voluntary gift to honor what we do is literally an empowerment for our work. > Your gift

Our soul’s mission: the declaration of soul integrity as a fundamental human right, to be globally implement in our societies

Operational partner:
Becoming-Essence Feel & Think Tank

Voices Of The Circle Of 12

A passion statement

Essentially, what we are doing, is to claim the fundamental human right to soul integrity.
To be allowed to live a life in loyalty to ones deepest values is
a birth right. And a birth duty – for our future.
Ann La-Forker

How we work

a rather yin approach

The initiative Integrity For Future is an independent movement called into life by a passionate individual, given aliveness and meaning through form and expression by many – brought together by a deep sense of trust in each other and driven by an  honest search for modern tribal structures providing the right amount of safety and flexibility to support human growth and the growth of humanity.

We are a group of people committed to grow into a higher level of integrity – as individuals and as a growing community. With the experiences and insights we gain through our explorations we would like to inspire and give concrete impulses into the world.

The bigger vessel for our work – in the truest sense of the word – are the reflections of the American writer Ursula K. Le Guin about the nature of yin-utopias. Her promoted approach to the world through “cycle round thinking” is accessible especially through her essays.
For our research we are using wholistic methods such as future oriented constellation work (Zukunftsmoderation & friends), the basic knowledge about energy laws, blockades and coherence building that arises from the rich field of individual and collective trauma research (to name Peter Levine, Steve Hoskinson and Thomas Huebl). Theoretical background and practical tools such as 3-D and 4-D mapping are made accesable by the Presencing Institut of Otto Scharmer.

The process of creation of a safe container through a felt sense of belonging amongst us is a living experiment in itself. New participative forms appear while we are gathering around the theme of integrity in different ways. In orienting towards an organic unfolding and supported by liberating structures a new deeply rooted sense of trust is going to be installed. What are the initial ingredients to create a container where the level of integrity rises and trust can grow?


It may be useful to … forgo the usual masculinist assumption that yang is superior to yin,
and instead consider the interdependence and intermutability of the two. Yang, the dominator, always seeks to deny its dependence on yin. And yang has always been given the last word.
But there is no last word.

Ursula K Le Guin
Writer (No Time To Spare, 2017)

in our
gatherings we

invite spaciousness, emphasise on the relational realm and grow inner capacities to respect the complexity of life and allow for organic change

  • ~ open to diversity
  • ~ welcoming shame
  • ~ leaning towards learning

our ingredients for a trustable base

Source, shelter & space

Planet earth. End of 2020.
A woman feels called to initiate a movement (- the source -).

Deeply devoted to the sacredness of life itself she feels her despair in face of the multiple challenges we are confronted with today. Exploring the spiritual dimension in it she is seeing a picture of humanity – collectively going through a “dark night of the soul”.

From her therapeutic work and personal experience she was aware of the treasure that possibly can be found in this unique transformative but existential state. At the same time realizing that on the deepest level not less than the trustworthiness of humankind was at stake.

She got ready to incite a global discourse about the possible return to a higher level of integrity, knowing that the shameful reality relentlessly mirrored back to us by the self-made crises we are facing can be the turning point. #integrityforfuture was born.

To start with she invited a group of highly trustable people, project partners and personal friends from all over the world, to be part of a “Circle Of 12” – which turned out to be equal in numbers of men and women.

The Circle Of 12 (- the shelter – ) provides mental and emotional support to assure the integrity of the initial impulse of the movement.

The members of the circle are gathering regularly for a deep and honest exploration of the subject, using trauma knowledge, transparent communication, and tools from systemic approaches such as constellation work to gain insights about the initial conditions for trust and a possible life in soul integrity.

The group itself emerged as a rich field for prototyping – the space – for the first projects to arise.

The interactive interview series “Integrity is …” and the shared insights from the research lab “A Trustable Tribe” provide the first intersections to the public. Both aim to incite people to dialogue.

Source, shelter, space are the first structural elements that emerged for us so far.

Expended structures might arise organically from there. Insights and changes will be made transparent – for the sake of integrity building for the whole.

As personal as the initial impulse for the initiative might seem, it is not just about me. It is about the alchemy of stepping into an embodied “response-ability” – even from a felt place
of guilt, shame, helplessness or structural suppression.
Ann La-Forker

our avowal

integrity for us is to be …

∞ independent
∞ envisioning
∞ receiving
∞ contouring