Temple of
Grace & Beauty

How We Gather


I see you.



Your secrets are safe with me.

Enter the lushness of my jungle.

That I can speak to you.

Through my symbols.

Gift me with your questions.

And grace will be given.

Once a month on the 22nd The Tribe is gathering.
Either in the Temple of Grace & Beauty for an exchange on feelings that can compromise our integrity. Or around the fire place to listen to each others stories and meet in the challenges of our daily lives. Welcome!
your host

The Temple

A space to feel the undigestible

Planet Earth is our home. This very home of ours is A Temple of Grace & Beauty. We only have to see and enter.

Based on this assumption we create spaces where integrity can thrive.

Difficult feelings can challenge our ability to stay aligned with our deepest values and to remain centered in our soul integrity.

The Temple of Grace & Beauty is a sacred space devoted to our experiences of loss, shame, failure and heartbreak. This place is safe enough that we can feel the hitherto undigestible. You will find some inspirational impulses below.

Dates and times for our temple gatherings open to everyone.

As a member of A Trustable Tribe you will receive the information how to access an event via our community channel.

If you are here for the first time please get in touch with me to have you set up.

With a warm welcome,

A Trustable Tribe

Gathering around the fire place

Humanity is a trustworthy species and we are all part of A Trustable Tribe. We only have to say yes and join.

Based on this assumption we create spaces where integrity can thrive.

What are we struggling with in our daily lives? Let’s our stories meet. Together we grow beyond the old limiting playground of scapegoating and create a new one of soul integrity which is embedded in a culture of repair. Dates and times of our community gatherings.



An inspirational impulse

What was your darkest hour? What was the darkest moment that you ever had to face in your life?

What is the most unbearable place that you are carrying deep in your heart, too dark to even think about seeing it? Too dark to dare to go?

Too dark to share it with your beloved? Too dark to give the burden to anyone close to you?And still you crash? 



an inspirational impulse

These days are challenging ones for me. The simple fact of being a German living in Germany makes that I am finding myself on a battle field that I didn’t choose. I simply don’t find my answers in the narrow choice between “war” and “peace”. My soul is longing for space that allows me and you to fail which includes the possibility to come back to our relationship – deepened, widened, being more than we were before.



an inspirational impulse

The stored memories of shame in our bodies and souls are the root of profound confusion. To constantly act against our inner most knowing, our deepest loving truth, is affecting the whole body of humanity. Beside of our personal shame stories there is also a powerful story of collective shame. To not show up as the species that is honoring life itself in deep reverence and awe keeps us trapped in a vicious circle of shaming and being ashamed.



An inspirational impulse

The soil under our feet is fragile. As a human community we are walking on a ground that is mined with the countless violations of life that remained unaddressed in the depth of our hearts.

The trust has been broken. I think this is true for many if not for all of us being part of the human species. I don’t want to add to the pile of breakups around me and I am so relieved that my friend and I could make space for our heartbreak instead.


soul FUL


∞ connected
∞ alive
∞ embodied
∞ joyful