Future work

Starting a revolution with
out starting the next war …

an initiative to reinstate
the trustworthiness of man

Hi – my name is Integrity. Known as a fundamental principle of life I am also a deep value of humankind. Somehow over the last centuries it happened that I was treated quite badly. I was devaluated, avoided, ignored. But here comes the good news. A bunch of courageous people decided to help me getting back in my seat and to place me in the very center of human societies.

The key to use is the full presence in your vulnerability as a human being. Human race, you don’t know how fragile you are. You have been ashamed and I want to bring that back to your ownership. I look with love at you.


Do you wanna come home and live your full humanness? See yourself as the relational being you are? See the complex conditions of your sensitive nervous system orienting you in life? See the spiritual nature that is just given to you? Or to put it short and sweet – to claim your human right for soul integrity?

I can’t tell how happy I am to re-union with you, for a future where we live together in trust and joy. We will have fun, this is for sure. And everybody will be included. Looking forward to meeting you there!
Sincerely yours, Integrity

we create spaces where individual
& corporate integrity can thrive

A call to action

be your own revolution!

I’m Ann. I am working as a trauma therapist. And I recently became an activist for the rehabilitation of humanity as the soulful species it can be.
I don’t know how you are but my soul cries! My soul is crying since the very first day on our beautiful planet. Sometimes it feels like I could cry forever. The tears would never end. I came here to love and to serve the beauty on earth. What I found was a battle field. Heavily loaded relationships, poisoned communication, wars and nature under attack.

It wasn’t meant like this. Our off-track way of living is causing us an incredible pain. Have we ever been asked if we want that? Have you ever been asked what you came here for? To just give in and to “function”or to reduce our contribution to serve as “firefighters” in a self-destructive world is the origin of a deep soul wound that can no longer be ignored.

At the level of our souls we still have access to a shared knowing about the conditions for life to flourish. No one can do the course correction but us, now. To be the prove of the soulful beings we are we have to become activists for the truth of our souls. What did YOU came here for?

I will be carefully listening to you,



It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Jiddu Krishnamurti
Indian philosopher

short & sweet – Peter Levine defines integrity

Alix about integrity and climate change

What is
integrity for you?

Yes, there is a general common cultural ground that gives us a sense of what integrity and reliability are. Basic qualities might be inclusiveness and a life-affirming orientation. At the same time it can never be about a single absolute truth.

For each of us there also exists a very personal layer which has to do with our unique journey and the specific experiences that grew us. And it is important to express that in front of others that all voices can be heard and contribute to the integrity of the whole.


The core of our project – listening is key!

Integrity is about being who you are. That’s the integrity of everything being unique yet being true. And it goes to me all the way down to truth itself: it doesn’t have to be right or wrong, it just has to be the truth.
Member of The Circle Of 12

Who we are & what we do

We are a growing group of people who care. For a good life for all, for a healthy planet – as a place that future generations are happy to call “home”.

To reinstate trust in humankind seems to be key. Making integrity the central reference point  for our societies to actively relate to is the most powerful leverage point we can think of. This is why we are setting off for the rehabilitation of the value of integrity itself. For the sake of the health of our souls!

We believe that in the core of every being is a knowing about and a longing for life to flourish to say for integrity. 


In ignoring that we created more pain and more damage than our souls could bear. We would like to introduce you to ways to step out of the vicious circle of shame we trapped ourselves in.

In our community you find both: support for the inner work that might need to be done to find your way back to “soul.integrity“.

And “a trustable tribe” that encourages you when doing your first steps to change our society as the seeing, healing and creative soul that you are!


If you wanna improve the world,
start by making people feel safer.
Stephen Porges

A trustable tribe

In collective search
for soul integrity

In our phenomenological research we touched the question wether humanity today is going collectively through a “dark night of the soul”.

What if nothing went “wrong” so far and we could just let go of wasting our time in searching for the bad guy (or the bad group of people) that we can blame for the miserable state we find ourselves in?

What if we see it as a natural process, having explored our immense power to the limits, to grow out of puberty into the human tribe we would love to be?

Let’s explore together what “a trustable tribe” is about. If the hidden agreement to split power and soul must not be kept going we are finally free to ask ourselves the most relevant of all questions.



This is at least what I see – the human tribe is awakening from a dark night of the soul.

Ann La-Forker

let’s talk soul.integrity

One of our main goals is to create spaces that are safe enough to incite open dialogues about our most hidden wounds, our deepest needs and our wholeheartedst longings.

Let’s talk soul.integrity is an invitation to join in the conversation in clarity and vulnerability, not avoiding the memories of shame in us, and unleash the suppressed energy that we need to create the future we want to live in. We replace the culture of scapegoating with a culture of soul.integrity.



What would it look like if we were in integrity for the future? Not only for our current selfs, not only for what is currently happening but also for the future of our species, of this planet. That anchoring for me is what really makes a difference.
Member of “The Circle Of 12”

Ready For Growth?


You want to work on your personal integrity? You seek for a raise of integrity in your company or in the field of politics you are active in? Before we can celebrate our breathtaking capabilities to their full extent, we must firstly become “experts” in – just being human.

To truly enter into the realm of humanness does not mean reducing certain aspects in us to a digestible size. We rather expand our inner spaces and grow our response-ability – until we can include everything. Transcend the old flip coin pattern of defeat-or-overpowering in learning and practicing “the third way” – the establishment of soul integrity, again and again and again.




Real trust, our most urgent societal need,
comes from soul.integrity.

Ready To Create?

Let’s prototype for the new

We love to explore and to create together for the sake of integrity. Together we find forms to relate to integrity in an alive, meaningful and embodied way – in our full humaneness. Ancient wisdom emerges in our experimental circle gatherings, our longings and the challenges of our journey can be expressed in creative ways through arts …
We are happy to cooperate with like-minded partners that help realize things that we can only do together.



In prototyping together we already start to fulfill the promises of a human life in soul.integrity.

Ready For Inspiration?

Integrity building

To come to integrity is a journey. And it remains a life long ongoing process. Where to start Enjoy our choice of initiatives from very different fields that can support your growth or might inspire you on your path towards soul integrity.



Get yourself
a lovely shot of inspiration.
And add your own value!

This initiative is born out of the realm of the individual.
It doesn’t claim to be “complete” or “just” in any general sense.
We are allowing it to have its own yummy taste and personal flavour. At the same time we would like to embark with you on a lively dialogue which serves our shared purpose – to reinstate and prove the trustworthiness of our human species.
The discourse is opened. 
Ann La-Forker
Initiator of #integrityforfuture

Dear integrity,

have we really been ashamed?