we call you in


Integrity For Future calls you in.
To a conscious choice:
to constantly look for ways to improve
your level of integrity and contribute to the rehabilitation of the trustworthiness of humankind.

Our off-track way of living is causing us much inner and outer wounding. Many gifted people in our society are professionally taking care of these wounds through their highly committed work.

People with a deep knowing about our human nature and the conditions needed for us and life to flourish.



Often they are visionaries – without a mandate, because their contribution has been reduced to serve as “firefighters” in a self-destructive world.

We can do better. We want to get back to our original mission as creative healers and see-ers, leading our current and future societies into the realms of joyful co-creation that we know is possible.

The Origin

it all began with a dilemma

As a passionate trauma therapist and process facilitator a question has always been with me: Can I stay loyal to my professional integrity, whilst at the same time being involved in social structures which dis-esteem and violate my core values? Am I not, in doing so, a servant of the very structures I don’t agree with?

I came to a point where I could no longer just “give” my healing work into that context of “wrongness”. I had to speak up and name my predicament: “This is the reality I live in. It is painful. And I don’t want that”

For myself, to start to reestablish integrity in my life meant to stand up for the value of integrity itself. Walking my talk in making my dilemma public, encouraging others to become advocates for their soul’s integrity too – for the sake of the integrity of the whole.

I care for the world. To think big and to address the subject of integrity as the global issue that it is has become the only way for me to come back to my own souls integrity.
Ann La-Forker
Initiator of Integrity For Future

Our approach

There is a choice to make

Integrity is not about morals, and neither is our initiative and the content of this website. We just address what is missing. To go beyond fighting opinions and polarization and to give integrity itself the central place in our societies that it deserves. The aim is to create an understanding on how essential reliability is when it comes to working on the challenges of our time. It is about the rehabilitation of the trustworthiness of humankind itself.

“A good life for all” must include the integrity of everybody and everything. All living beings in the planet´s ecosystem as well as the natural elements. When we address our burning current and future questions, we cannot simply focus our efforts on technical solutions or political compromises between different stakeholders.

Our most powerful leverage is a self-commitment to the highest level of personal integrity possible to reach at any time and in any context. When this commitment is applied by many, and when structurally implemented as a core value in our societies, we create the solid ground of safety and reliability which is needed to succeed in our common work.

The journey begins with integrity to oneself, followed by the trust in integrity in “the other” – which can then result in a new trust in our overall human tribe. Soul-sick people cannot take positive action. Ignored people cannot be creative. Shamed people cannot enjoy. Many “helpers” have been working on healing these fundamental issues for a long time. We call them out of their specific niches, to claim their seat and to join the cause of integrity at the very centre of our society.


The body has been designed to renew itself through continuous self-correction. These same principles also apply to the healing of psyche, spirit, and soul.

Peter A Levine
PhD, Founder of Somatic Experiencing

My inner call to action

The Form

shaping integrity

A sense for integrity has at least two dimensions. We cannot deny the existence of a general common cultural ground that gives us a sense of what integrity and reliability are. Basic qualities might be inclusiveness and a live-affirming orientation. And it can never be about a single absolute truth. For each of us there also exists a very personal layer which has to do with our unique journey and the specific experiences that grew us. This is where qualities such as a sense for self-dignity, self-awareness and self-honesty come in.

Relying on integrity is a journey, to come to integrity a process. The inner movement always includes a certain form of dialogue – within oneself, with the circumstances, sometimes with others. Integrity For Future seeks to stimulate conscious choice to notice and seek this dialogue, and to give it a central place in one’s personal life and in society.

Our project sets off for a journey too. To begin with we are introducing a choice of existing initiatives that offer concrete support in personal growth, increased visibility for the marginalized-ones and conscious decision making in politics, economics and science. Alongside our growing collection offered here, there is an active field of people focusing explicitly on “integrity” in an explorative exchange – special projects and cooperations are arising from there. Organizations seeking a higher level of integrity are welcome to ask us for advice.