The Golden Key

Global Female Envisioning

A concrete question to start with

In her integrity interview Anne Baring is shining light on the gap between what is said in the > UN resolution 1325 and our reality. Women are not involved if it comes to the decision about war and peace, life and death. We can ask “why is that?” And we can also simply change that.

Global Female Envisioning is about acting – in another way. For those who want to go deeper in this work I recommend to first watch this > longer excerpt from the interview with Anne, touching on some other relevant points such as integrity & leadership, integrity & education, integrity & politics, integrity & the soul.

Anne Baring on the UN resolution 1325

I am the end of oppression.
a woman

a quantum leap

Starting to heal our own wounds and to re-connect to our innermost call, the protection of life, are steps we already took to end the thousands of years of female suppression. Although it is still a „work in progress“ it is time to get ready for the real task: to become the leaders for the healing of the deeply wounded soul of humanity which is still causing so much confusion, destructive behaviour and inner suffering, especially for men.

Sometimes that might not feel „just“ but it feels „right“. To know that can be our compass in moments when our own anger and pain wants to take over just another time. Righteousness won’t help. But what would do the job?

Little girl with broken wings but full of hope … where are you? Through the alchemy of my darkest nights I heal and thrive. Today I rise!
Alexandra Feldner

Today I rise (Agata Welz & Alexandra Feldner)

Prayer of the mothers (Yael Deckelbaum)

The Golden Key

The alchemy of staying related

Dear woman, our knowledge is in demand.
But our knowledge alone is not enough.

This we have learned – the large systems do not move so easily. So how do we turn this thing? A special alchemy is needed. A certain kind of loving smartness as it can be found in the fairy tale of the
“Peasants wise daughter”.

Humanity ran into a dead end road. Due to our lack of integrity our bond with life almost broke. Life is sacred. When the integrity of life is hurt there is shame. This is the compensation that life is generously offering us when we can not respond adequatley in a given moment. That we can pick up on it afterwards to restore the divine order.
Without implementing this wisdom in our culture and actively working on growing our emotional and spiritual capacity to integrate shame there can’t be credibility. Giving respect to this energetic law we have direct access to the creator force.

Yes, it is written deep into our bones: as women we are sitting on a huge collection of “in-vainness”. We have been ashamed to the core.
Inconsolable, invincible, impossible, unspeakable, unheard.
But especially as women, we are also holding a key in our hands. As woman we have direct access to the world of our emotions. Shame is the most challenging one to relate to because it is so highly charged.

This very charge makes shame a true treasure box of energy which again is needed for the change. We only have to learn to master it. Safe ground will unfold under our feet in our full presence in the long story of non-spaces. This is where we will become unshakable. Yes, we will meet shame. And we will turn it into gold. Diving deeply, feeling, witnessing, clarifying – acting! We will train ourselves, and we will be learning, mixing our excellence into the process of life in our own female way.


As women we can go in lead to restore the sacred law where it has been broken. To have been ashamed entitles us to be the pioneers in transcending it.
Our own shame and the shame of everyone we meet.


“We apologize”

A transcending ritual in sight

Do you have the courage to apologize for something that you didn’t do? Do you have the courage to apologize for something that you’ve been suffering from yourself? To transcend the irrevocable truth of your victimhood into the irrevocable truth of belonging to the species that committed all these crimes against life? This is beyond the shortened logic of  guilt, this is beyond the separating logic of wrong and right.
This is for the simple sake of repair.

Join The Tribe

To be able to feel and include shame and to make the tied up life energy accessible for what we want to move in the world, turning shame into gold, is the dedication of our gatherings.

You are a woman+ and you feel called to explore that alchemy together with others, to be the healing you wanna see? “Global Female Envisioning – The Golden Key” is a heart open & hands on peace work. We are regularly gathering in open circles live and online.


Meanwhile a “Global Women Circle Of 12”of modern tribe leaders is about to form, devoted to a deep trauma work on the collective nervous system, transcending the shame that we sense and feel in the body of humanity. The Circle can be invoked by the political leaders who are seeking to re-connect with life.


Maybe that the soul, the integrity of the universe,
is awakening in us. The integrity, the soul of this
entire quantum realm is coming through, talking to us.
And we are hearing that, we are responding to an instruction!
Vuyi Qubeka
Global Women Circle Of 12

beau uty we are

pause, look & see

and the world is changed.